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Visit the downtown district of Graeagle's “little red buildings” which house the many shops and galleries that are open for everyone to enjoy. Go shopping in these quaint little buildings, where you will find everything from antiques to boutiques, gifts to galleries.

City of Portola

The City of Portola, 'The Pride of the West', is the only incorporated City in Plumas County. Their Heritage has transitioned over the years from a stage stop for early Gold Rush pioneers, to an essential rail yard and Museum for the former Western Pacific Railroad. It is now a modern community with all the amenities you desire to work, live and play in. Whatever your purpose is for visiting their wonderful City, they sincerely hope, and strive, to make your trip one that will last forever in your memories.

Welcome to Portola Railroad Days 

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Mission Statement

The Eastern Plumas Chamber of Commerce represents the community of Eastern Plumas County located in Northern California.

The Chamber of Commerce is a domestic nonprofit corporation, It is non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-political.dedicated to improving the economic, health and education environment of our community and fostering the development of business growth and prosperity.

Promoting the civic interests and general welfare of all communities in the Eastern Plumas area, in cooperation with Plumas County, Chambers of Commerce, civic, service and fraternal organizations.

Developing, encouraging, promoting and protecting the general economic and tourism interests of the Eastern Plumas area.

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Tourist Information Center

PLUMAS is... 'Pleasurable Living Under Mountains and Stars'

We invite you to enjoy some of the best reasons for visiting or relocating to Eastern Plumas County

Stretching along the Middle Fork of the Feather River to the sprawling Sierra Valley there is much to see and do. Eastern Plumas offers premiere lodging, camping, golfing, dining, bird watching, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, winter sports and back country driving. There are miles and miles of beautiful scenery - mountains, wild flowers, fall colors,  lakes and this is just a taste of what is offered in Eastern Plumas County.

The definition of tranquility was established in Eastern Plumas County. Step outside at night and you can enjoy a magnificent view of the galaxy. The stars look like you could reach out and touch them. Breathe the brisk, fresh clean air. Listen! There's nothing to hear. Experience peace, quiet and serenity. We have an unlimited amount of all three.


Recreation is the first and foremost reason for coming to our area. Those of us who have relocated here do enjoy these amenities; however, it is the lifestyle that most agree, is the reason for being here.

Our area offers clean air, clear blue skies, valleys, a mountain forest filled with the wonders of nature, and a lot of small town hospitality. There is no bumper to bumper traffic, or crowds (excluding events), No fast lane living here!
Serenity best describes the feeling of the area, most often referred to as "God's Country."
The Plumas Sierra County Fairgrounds are the pride and joy of our community. It represents a place where the residents of two counties come to socialize and reconnect. It has successfully supported that role for over 150 years. To make that continue to happen, we need your help. Click here to find out how!

Highways & Byways

Easy to find

Eastern Plumas County is the East and South gateways to Plumas County.

Just an hour North of Truckee ( Lake Tahoe ) on Highway 89, an hour Northwest of Reno, Nevada on Highway 395 to Highway 70, an hour Northeast of Sierra City on Highway 49 to Highway 89.

Highway 70 going right through Eastern Plumas County has been designated Feather River Scenic By-Way from Hallelujah JCT. (395/70) to Oroville.

Highway 49 the route through the Gold Country and touching into Eastern Plumas County is also a Scenic Highway and By-Way.

Drive cautiously on these mountain highways, watching for animals, rocks, and ice from October - March carry chains.
Check out road conditions call: 1-800-427-7623.
Plumas Crisis Intervention & Resource Center (PCIRC) urges you to speak with your clients/students/neighbors to inform them that many may be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and to motivate them to explore if they qualify. Click on the link above for full details

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The Eastern Plumas Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) has enhanced Feather River College’s (FRC’s) work-based learning program by adding a community learning center to the Chamber’s Blairsden office. The Community Learning Center Hub (CLCH) will increase FRC’s outreach capabilities in eastern Plumas County by providing free access to computers and high-speed internet for Feather River College (FRC) students Chamber members and Adult Learners. ( Made possible in part with a grant from FRC through the Adult Education Block Grant)


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